Is Chocolate a Gateway Drug?

Could Chocolate be a "Gateway Drug?"  Surprisingly, our survey suggests for some people, it just might be.  Reach me directly at  603-505-5000 or contact below

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SURVEY: Chocolate May Be a "Gateway Drug"

A recent survey (with 2,400+ respondents) found that chocolate may be a "Gateway Drug" which leads to difficulty controlling consumption of other foods.  Compared to any other treat, participants troubled by chocolate were MUCH more likely to report a multitude of food difficulties.  Detailed psychological differences between chocolate lovers and others were also found.  Dr. Livingston does NOT recommend most people give up chocolate!   For more info, read the full release (or MS-Word version)

(for self professed chocolate addicts)

Reports 4+ Trouble Foods


Reports 7+ Trouble Foods


Reports 10+ Trouble Foods


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