Is Chocolate a Gateway Drug?

Could Chocolate be a "Gateway Drug?"  Surprisingly, our survey suggests for some people, it just might be.  Reach me directly at  603-505-5000 or contact below

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WEIGHT LOSS SURVEY:  Your Diet Personality Can Help You Lose Weight... Are You a Choco-Maniac, French-Fry-Fiend, or a Carbo-Craver?

A recent multi-year survey gave 2,200+ respondents a personality inventory in addition to a questionnaire about diet and weight loss.  3 distinct personalities emerged, each with unique weight loss need:


Why They Overeat

Non-Food Solution


Craving Emotional Connection, Romance, and Compassion

A Warm Smile or Genuine Hug from a Friend, Family Member, or Co-Worker

Carbo Cravers

Interpersonal Over-Stimulation (Too Much People Time)

A Little Alone Time Almost Always Takes the Edge Off Their Craving

French Fry Fiends

Too Many Tasks and Responsibilities

Emphasize "Re-Fueling Breaks" in Morning and Mid-Day with Pre-Planned Healthy Snacks

Dr. Livingston can be reached at 603-505-5000 or
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