Overcoming Overeating

Carol Munter is one of the original pioneers of the anti-diet approach to overcoming overeating, binges, and yo-you weight loss and weight gain.   In this wonderful 33 minute interview, Sharon gets her to share the essentials of her approach.  Enjoy!

Carol’s Book: Overcoming Overeating (website is OvercomingOveating.com)

Emotional Eating Secrets Power Pack

Sharon’s Coaching

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4 Responses to “Overcoming Overeating”

  1. Peace says:

    Everything said is so true, thank you for the emotional support. I was held up by gunmen and injured, ended up homeless on welfare, and trust there is nothing but fear and stress all of the time. There have been attempts to make me feel less than a woman, ignorant you name it, and the only drug I could comfort myself with legally was food. I see it now, and I am walking now, grateful, reinstating my nursing license to become financially solvent again, but I now know why I am eating so much food. Thank you hardly covers the gift your words have given me. To know the pattern and give myself permission to break the pattern, and I am a practicing vegan. Thank you again.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I happened to be in the Pharmacy a few weeks ago, and bought the book “Overcoming Overeating.” That same night I went to dinner with a Registered Dietician/PHD Psychologist friend who suggested I read “When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.” Now, I come across your program, Sharon. Is this meant to be or what??? I’m a Clinical Social Worker with a loooong history of dieting, a period of anorexia in my twenties, cumpulsive overeating, exersizing, OA, Weight Watchers, the whole bit. The book is compelling, and I notice that I’m starting already to integrate the concepts. This interview struck a nerve in many respects, as I identify with all of you as professionals, and as survivors of this wretched affliction. I so want to be done with the dieting, and I’ve been resisting every effort I’ve been making to start another one. This lady, and you have it together! Thank you so much! I believe it’s time I stop kidding myself that all I need is another diet and just learn to reparent/reprogram myself.

  3. Sharon says:

    Learning to feed ourselves with love and acceptance is sooooo powerful. I’ve recently been blessed with a project of interviewing family caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimers disease. They touched me on so many levels. One of them is how they become the food nurturers for their parents or spouses. Feeding is once again a highly considered act of love and caring. They have to figure out the best foods that the patient will enjoy and provide it for them in attractive presentations. Lots of times they get so involved in caretaking for the patient that they forget to give themselves the same gentle and thoughtful attention that they’re giving to their family member. And isn’t it amazing that so many of us who work in the fields of human resources and health are the least likely to take the time to nurture ourselves.

    It’s 6:10 am. hmmmm.. . . . What does my want for breakfast? Gonna check in with myself and see you all later!

  4. Good to see a different approach to over eating, there is just to many fad diets these days, Everyone is looking for that magic pill or the quick fix. If only it was that easy. Sent you site to a few of my clients who might benefits from some of your stuff. Thanks

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